User Guide

Screen 5: Deliver

This screen summarizes all results from the first four screens.

What You See

  • Project name, ZIP Code, site acreage, county and utility provider.
  • Plot Usage--color wheel of % of land use coverage.
  • Quantities of each Land Use Type and the land coverage of each, along with the
  • Business as Usual MTCO2e and Mitigated MTCO2e.
  • Individual mitigation strategies and resulting MTCO2e reductions
  • Comparison of Business as Usual and Mitigated results 

​Saving and E-Mailing This Report

You may save or e-mail it by clicking on:

  • Save and log in New Project
  • Save and Deliver Project
  • Add another e-mail


To move to another screen, use one of these:

  • Menu bar along top shows each of the screens in order. Click on any dot representing a Screen and CP will take you there.
  • Click the Submit button at the lower right of each screen to advance to the next screen.
  • Click on either the previous or next screen’s button at the bottom of each screen 

​Starting Another Scenario

Click on Save and Log In New Project on the Deliver screen. 


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