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Screen 4: Mitigate

This screen enables you to reduce the MTCO2e/year through a series of mitigation strategies in each CEQA category, and to assess their relative first costs.

What You See

Each CEQA category has a group of mitigation strategies that reduce MTCO2e impact, divided where needed into Residential and Non-Residential LUT’s.

Two emission “thermometers” are shown on the right side of the screen: Business as Usual on the left, and the Mitigated version on the right. The candidate Mitigation strategies appear in the middle of the screen when a CEQA category is selected.

How to Use It

Click on any one of the CEQA categories to bring up a scrollable list of mitigation strategies, their relative project impacts and relative first costs. The colored bar across the middle of the page indicates how much of the MTCO2e has been reduced below Business as Usual. Upon selecting a Mitigation strategy, that strategy will be highlighted and the Mitigation thermometer on the right side will shrink. 

Mitigation Strategy Limits

Each Mitigation Strategy can reduce a project’s MTCO2e, but its contribution to the overall project needs to be put into relationship with other strategies. Carbon Planner assigns a mitigation % value to each one, then relates it to the overall project.

The overall mitigation level is then subjected to a “real world” screen which acts as a cap on the total mix of strategies for each of the CEQA categories.

For example, Energy is allowed to be reduced to zero (a zero energy building), but Transportation is allowed a cap of 40%, reflecting the current state of the art in VMT reduction for individual projects. 

To remove a previously chosen strategy from the menu for this scenario, select it and click the X on the left end of the row. 

Data Displayed

At the bottom of the screen, total emissions for Business as Usual and Mitigated conditions are displayed, as well as the project’s % reduction below Business as Usual.

Making Changes in Mitigation

To make changes in the Mitigation Strategies, go to the Mitigation screen and add or delete individual strategies. 


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