User Guide

Screen 2: Plan

This screen is where you enter the Land Use Types that make up the project’s program. These entries can be changed later.

What You See

On the left side, a series of Land Use Categories are listed, each with an identifying land use color. These include the same Land Use categories used by CalEEMod. Each category has several Land Use Types.

On the right side, a vertical gridded column represents the development site. Initially the site is blank. It will graphically fill as you enter the Land Use Types.

Enter Project Name, ZIP Code location and site size.

Individual Land Use Types appear in the middle of the screen when you click on one of the Land Use Categories.

Enter a Land Use Type by clicking on a Land Use Category. An array of Land Use Type icons appears. Select one of these and fill in the requested quantities. A bar in the upper right of this field displays the maximum allowable quantity for this land use. A quantity entered in excess of this figure will not be allowed, as it will overfill the site. 

Roads and Open Space percentages are variable and may be entered after one or more LUT’s are entered. These percentages are displayed on the Site column.

Vertical Mixed Uses consist of either commercial (office) or residential land uses built over commercial or retail ground floors. Enter the Square Foot area of the ground floor use, then enter the Square Feet of commercial or number of Dwelling Units of residential on upper floors. CP will calculate and display the total building height.

To change the quantity of a Land Use Type, click on the LUT icon and re-enter a different quantity.

To delete a Land Use Type, click on the minus sign in the upper right corner of the selected (highlighted) LUT.

To fill the remainder of the site with a selected use, click the Fill Remaining button on the upper right. Enter the number of Square Feet, Dwelling Units, Students or Seats, depending on the use, and press Submit or Enter. The site will automatically show the addition of these uses.

To fill the remaining area of the site with any use, choose the LUT and click on the Fill button; the site will fill exactly. A red “X” appears if a selected quantity will overfill the site.

Making Changes in the Land Use Types

To make Land Use Type changes on a site already filled, to the Plan Screen CP doesn’t allow overfilling of the site, so first delete quantities of or entire LUT’s to meet the revised program. Then add revised quantities to re-fill the site. 

Additional Notes

Carbon Planner has 10 Land Use Categories and 74 Land Use Types, based on CalEEMod Land Use Types. These are:

  • Residential - 9 Land Use Types
  • Education - 8
  • Recreation - 7
  • Retail - 13
  • Commercial - 16
  • Industrial - 8
  • Parking - 2 lot & structure
  • Vertical MXD - 9
  • Roads - 1 user-defined
  • Open Space - 1 user-defined

Land Use Categories

Residential: Single family, low to high-rise apartment, low to high- rise condo, retirement, congregate care and mobile home.

Education: Day care, school, university, library, place of worship.

Recreation: Park, golf, pool, racquet and health club, movie and arena.

Retail: All types of shopping.

Commercial: Restaurant, fast food, offices, R & D, government office, hotel, motel.

Industrial: Warehouse, industrial parks, manufacturing (no process emissions).

Parking: Surface lot or structure.

Mixed Use: Vertically-related uses--residential over office or retail, and office over retail.

Roads: External to individual sites, for site circulation.

Open Space: In addition to Land Use Type open space.

Land Use quantities are entered in Square Feet, Dwelling Units, Students, Seats or Screens. They are converted by Carbon Planner into site coverage in acres. Site coverage includes building footprints plus at-grade parking, on-site circulation and open area. Parking structures are a Land Use Type that can be entered separately.

Roads and Open Space acreage percentages are determined by the user. 


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