Produces powerful carbon emission and mitigation data quickly and accurately.

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It's easy to describe your project and site.

Name your project, enter its ZIP Code and site acreage. That's it. Carbon Planner links that to climate zone, urban context and site coverage once you enter land uses. It also shows the utility service providers.

Quickly describe the project's land use mix.

Combine over 65 CalEEMod-based land uses to create a project. Carbon Planner fits them to the site, leaving room for parking, open space and streets. You have all you need to forecast carbon emissions. Dozens of land use alternatives can be compared as fast as you can think them up.

The bottom line: metric tons of CO2 equivalent are visualized for you.

You instantly see business as usual emissions and water consumption in the CEQA categories. A graphic alongside shows the CO2 CEQA emissions from each land use.

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Bring the project into GHG compliance with techniques in the mitigation menu.

As you click on mitigation strategies, you see the emissions thermometer shrink. A red line benchmark shows the target to aim for. Compare alternative ways to get there. Each technique contributes to the reduction and its relative cost is highlighted.

Carbon Planner delivers a comprehensive report to your team and key stakeholders.

Save, send, archive and record your alternative scenario to communicate your work. Carbon Planner produces actionable points of proof and helps to gain support for the project.


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