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Thanks for checking out Carbon Planner. We appreciate your interest in getting faster, simpler, cost-effective carbon and water analysis of your development project.

Greenhouse GO is doing some re-organization, with the goal of bringing you the best carbon forecasting and mitigating tool ever. During this time, come on in and check out Carbon Planner; see what it can do for you, see the short video, look through the User Guide. We won't be making scenarios or support available for new accounts for an indefinite period, but you can still get a free trial, and we can arrange with us to get an extended trial.

Pending our re-structuring, we hope to make a new, improved Carbon Planner available, better than ever. Tell us how we can contact you, and we'll reach out when we're ready to move ahead again with great project environmental analysis.

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Planning for Minimum Carbon Impact

Consider this - you're a developer or consultant trying to do a project and at the same time do the right thing for climate change.  Or you're a planning agency wanting new projects that will help you achieve your Climate Action Plan goals.  Or you're a resident who wants to see clean, low impact projects in your community.

How do you get ahead of the curve and plan intelligently for low carbon impact from the get go?

There are many things to consider when planning a project for minimum carbon impact. To get a project entitled through CEQA, building energy, transportation, water, solid waste and construction-related emissions must be reported.  Vegetation is the 6th category, including natural and landscaped portions of a project.

So how do you plan ahead, and shape these conditions instead of them acting adversely on you?

Here are five tips to get you started. They'll help you avoid being surprised by carbon impacts later:

  1. Plan Ahead: As in many other areas of...
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