Ounce of Prevention, Ton of Cure

In a development project, time saved is money saved, which can make the difference between positive and negative cash flow.  Early knowledge is high leverage knowledge, especially when it comes is strategic information on your project's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Case in point is a developer who uses CarbonPlanner on a new project.  It's a mixed use development on three acres with 350,000 SF of retail, residential and office space--a construction value of $50 million.  This developer has a license for Carbon Planner, so she can run as many alternative scenarios as she wants-using just what she knows now, about location and program. 

The major value is the time-savings created by early strategic decisions so that the team only studies alternatives that have a better chance of passing the CEQA screen.  If even a month out of a two-year project could be saved by more efficient development team focus and approval, here are some possible savings:

Financing and land carry:                        $330,000  (financing over a shorter period)

Rent/Lease revenue flow:                            64,000  (earlier project completion and leaseup)

Consultant cost savings @ 1%                    50,000  (including better CalEEMod input)

Total Project Benefit +/-                          $440,000

CarbonPlanner Cost (at most)                     $2,000

CarbonPlanner Benefit/Cost in this case is over 200:1, at a cost less than 1/10th of a percent of the total consultant team.

Carbon Planner paves the way for earlier approvals and project completion for a vanishingly small upfront cost.            

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